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Witnessing Rockets superstars get treated differently annoyed Trevor Ariza

Trevor Ariza, Rockets, Suns

One of the Phoenix Suns biggest offseason scores, and the Houston Rockets biggest downfalls, has been that of Trevor Ariza. The three-and-D small forward bolted for The Valley of the Sun for a one-year, $15 million deal, quickly saying goodbye to the Rockets after a season in which they came a win shy of the NBA Finals.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe gave some insight as to what might have caused this swift exit during the latest episode of The Lowe Post podcast.

“I did this big profile on Trevor Ariza in the playoffs. And this didn’t make the story, but a lot of people told me that Trevor Ariza is like a basketball purist,” said Lowe. “He was compared frequently by members of the Rockets to a Gasol brother. So I asked, what does that mean? And they said, one of the things that irritates Trevor in Houston and elsewhere, is that we’re all going out to dinner, and even though it’s a team and it’s a family, there are different rules for superstars than there are for everybody else. Superstars get stuff that we don’t get. And he’s just sort of had to swallow his idyllic vision of what a basketball team should be, even though that kind of stuff [annoys] him.”

Clutch City, we got a problem.

If this is stuff that only bothers Ariza, chances are the Rockets will be fine once they add Carmelo Anthony to the fold — but if it’s also perceived by the rest of players, there’s nothing keeping an unhappy Clint Capela from joining the list of unhappy free agents to walk.

The Suns meanwhile, got themselves a steal — and if they can keep the right team chemistry, there is nothing keeping them from having the veteran long-term if success is imminent.

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