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Why viral Rockets’ James Harden video is definitely not a travel


Travel or not a travel? That is the question.

As long as James Harden continues to seek and exploit every possible offensive advantage on the basketball court, debates over the legality of his various moves will rage on and polarize NBA viewers—much like the Houston Rockets’ entire style.

Harden’s step-back (and double-step-backs), in particular, have previously been put under the microscope. Saturday night against the Utah Jazz, it was a controversial eurostep(s) on Royce O’Neal that sparked the latest Harden-related debate on NBA Twitter.

In defiance of the announcers and the eye-test, Harden’s move actually stays within NBA rules, according to the interpretation of The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor. O’Connor broke down the play and the rule to make his case.

O’Connor argues that Harden takes two full steps after a clear gather, which is within the confines of the league’s rulebook. The rule states that “A player who gathers the ball while progressing may (a) take two steps in coming to a stop, passing or shooting the ball”. O’Connor essentially argues that Harden perfectly times his gather in order to legally gain an extra step before commencing his euro to the rim.

The Jazz broadcast—and the comments section under O’Connor’s tweet—clearly disagree. “At every level of basketball, three steps is a travel,” said Utah color commentator Matt Harpring.

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