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Why Rockets must go all-out to acquire Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala, Rockets

Following Wednesday night’s 125-112 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, the Houston Rockets are now 29-18 and sitting in the sixth spot in a ruthless Western Conference. It’s not as if Houston is going to struggle to make the postseason, but at this point, it’s safe to say the club has yet to reach its full potential following last summer’s blockbuster deal.

The arrival of Russell Westbrook was rocky at first for Houston, but the former Oklahoma City Thunder superstar has come on strong and was just voted in as an All-Star alongside 2018 MVP James Harden. While the Rockets have two legit stars on top of their roster, it still seems they are missing a piece to the puzzle. This, perhaps, is where a player like Memphis Grizzlies veteran Andre Iguodala could come in to fill the void.

Right now, Houston has a gaping hole at the wing spot. Fourth-year man Danuel House has been the team’s starting small forward for the most part of the season, and while he has been okay, the 26-year-old has still left much to be desired. There is no question that Iguodala would present a significant upgrade for the Rockets.

Moreover, one of the aspects that made the Rockets such a force a couple of seasons ago when they battled with the eventual champs, the Golden State Warriors, in an epic seven-game Western Conference Finals showdown was their defensive identity. This is something Houston has mysteriously veered away from of late, and while Clint Capela and PJ Tucker are stellar on the defensive end, more help is needed. Iguodala is a proven wing defender and high-IQ player with championship experience, and his skill set would certainly help the team cope with the likes of LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard.

The big question, however, is if the Rockets are willing to give up what is required to make a deal work. The Grizzlies are currently refusing to take the buyout route for Iguodala, and they are confident they will be able to strike a deal with a team like the Rockets in a trade. Memphis understands it has the upper hand in any negotiation and wants a first-round pick in return, so in this respect, Houston is at a disadvantage. Nonetheless, with the Rockets possessing a win-now mentality, they might not be able to afford losing out on such an outstanding addition in Iguodala and may be willing to trade their 2020 first-round pick.

It will be interesting to see what GM Daryl Morey will do in the next week or so to try and make a deal work, but if he plays his cards right, Houston could end up as one of the biggest winners of the trade season. There is also a likelihood that Iguodala gets bought out after the deadline if he’s not traded, so the Rockets will need to stay on their toes and be ready.

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