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Why does everyone hate Chris Paul? Marcellus Wiley explains

Marcellus Wiley , Chris Paul

Everyone is still trying to figure out who the good guy is and who the bad guy is between Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul. Marcellus Wiley of FS1 explains why Chris Paul might rub some of his guys the wrong way. It has to do with his mentality, Wiley believes that it has much more to do with his resume.

“Here’s the thing about Chris Paul and he’s not the only one guilty of this. I will defend him even better than Daryl Morey will. He’s a barker. Now, he’s not the only barker in the NBA. Kobe Bryant was a barker and no one liked playing with Kobe Bryant, but Kobe Bryant was a five-time champion that made you swallow your pride and take that barking and the bite that came with it. Here’s Chris Paul. Chris Paul is a barker but on that same team when you say it’s time to swallow my pride and deal with this, oh wait a minute, you ain’t won jack. So you over here barking and I don’t see the bite and that’s where it comes from. I’ve been on teams before when we’re all about business. Professionalism, you’re saying all the right things. You sound like the Mamba Mentality, except you ain’t got the Mamba hardware.”

Who knows how much truth there is to this explanation, but it definitely makes sense. No one likes to play with a jerk for a teammate, but if that jerk is a proven winner who can help you win a championship, you suck it up and play through it. If that guy barking at you has never won anything of any significance, it’s easier for guys to tune him out. Wiley is making an excellent point here.

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