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Warriors video: Fake Klay Thompson documents trip to Oracle Arena vs. Rockets

Fake Klay Thompson

All Golden State Warriors fans know who Klay Thompson is. He’s one half of the famous splash brothers and son of former Lakers big man Mychal Thompson.

It’s only fitting that the 6’7 forward has become so popular in the Bay area that anyone would be glad to take a selfie with him or let him sign their toaster at a moments notice.

Surprisingly enough, almost looking like Klay Thompson is as good as the real thing to some folks. On opening night, YouTube star Big Daws TV showed up fully dressed in Warriors gear with his best Thompson face on, gaining the attention of tv crews, media outlets and fans.

In fact, he looked so much like Thompson to the untrained fans eye that he fooled many of them, playing basketball with them and taking pics, but it got even better from that point.

Big Daws used his look-alike status to drive into the players parking lot and as you wouldn’t believe, even the Oracle Arena staff thought he was the dead-eye shooter as well. They asked for pictures before allowing him into the VIP parking area as he recorded the entire sequence.

He caught the attention of some of the players such as Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry as he sat directly behind the Warriors bench, but he couldn’t fool coach Kerr who found it amusing, but figured maybe he could pass for Thompson when he let his conditioning fall off.

None of this is new for Big Daws as he has taken this same act to the streets a few times with the same successful results. For those that know about him, Thompson is one of his many hilarious acts and if you’ve just discovered his YouTube channel, enjoy the pranks.

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