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Warriors’ Steve Kerr says talk about officiating in Game 1 has been ‘annoying’

Steve Kerr, Warriors

It is safe to say that Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has had enough. With the Warriors and Houston Rockets currently locked in a battle in the Western Conference semifinals, it has actually been the officials that have become the most talked about team in this series, one that Golden State leads 1-0.

With the Warriors winning Game 1 at home, the Rockets have been talking about the poor officiating all week while Kerr finally put his foot down earlier in the day on Tuesday.

“They just came at halftime and said they missed them,” Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni told Feigen after his team’s Game 1 loss. “They missed four of them. That’s 12 foul shots.”

The Warriors only defeated the Rockets, 104-100, despite all of the complaining from both sides.

“We had our chances to win,” D’Antoni added. “You’re just not just going to come in and blow these guys away. So things have to go right. I thought we played well enough to win and just didn’t get it done.”

It is also worth noting that Rockets superstar guard James Harden had had an issue with referee Scott Foster all season long, with Foster now slated to officiate Game 2 of this ongoing series.

“Scott Foster, man,” Harden previously said, via The Washington Post. “I never really talk about officiating or anything like that, but just rude and arrogant,” he said. “I mean, you aren’t able to talk to him throughout the course of the game, and it’s like, how do you build that relationship with officials? And it’s not even that call [on the sixth foul]. It’s just who he is on that floor.”

Game 2 between the Warriors and Rockets will take place at Oracle Arena on Tuesday evening.

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