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Warriors’ Stephen Curry not all that concerned about finger injury

Stephen Curry, Warriors

Stephen Curry is not heavily concerned with the dislocated finger he suffered in the opening minutes of Game 2 against the Houston Rockets on Tuesday. The Golden State Warriors point man leaped for a steal on center Clint Capela, jamming his left middle finger and later being forced to the bench with the injury:

“It looked bad when he came off the floor,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr, according to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. “I looked at the finger and I was just hoping it was a dislocation and not a break. And fortunately, that’s what it turned out to be. As far as whether it bothered him, you can ask him that. I thought he did some great things for us and fueled us; and may not have shot the three that well, but played a great game for us.”

Curry was nonchalant and glad he didn’t break his finger, soon getting it put back in place and taped along with his ring finger for stability:

“It hurts, but it’s all right,” said Curry. “Didn’t break anything. Fortunate, and some higher power’s looking out for me on that one. Just gotta deal with pain and hopefully, before Saturday, that goes away and will be fine.”

Despite having his fingers taped together, Curry had a highlight-reel block on Capela to make up for the earlier gaffe — one he enjoyed despite the cost of pain:

“I ain’t got a block like that in a minute, so I’ll take the pain for that for sure,” he said.

The Warriors will have three full days of rest, including their travel day, before they play in Game 3 at the Toyota Center on Saturday.

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