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Warriors’ Stephen Curry discusses how he deals with officiating

Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets will battle it out in Game 2 of their second-round Western Conference playoff series on Tuesday night, and we can only hope this game ends with a lot less controversy than Game 1.

The Warriors came away with a 104-100 win in the series opener on Sunday afternoon, but many feel the Rockets were robbed due to a lack of foul calls against Golden State on James Harden’s 3-point attempts.

After the game, Harden asked for a “fair chance” from the officials, and fans and media pundits everywhere have questioned whether or not the Dubs even deserved to win Game 1, and the Warriors are sick of it.

Golden State star Stephen Curry says that bad calls are a part of the game, and while it might be frustrating at times, you have to keep your head in the game and move on:

“There’s a fine line between that competitive fire and feeling like everything should go your way and you have a reaction to a call — but then you’re able to move on the next possession,” said Curry, according to Marcus Thompson of The Athletic. “To me it’s, honestly, exhausting talking to the refs every possession. So I try and stay in my lane, understand that I do foul sometimes. And sometimes there are bad calls. It’s just part of the game. Keep it moving.”

Curry, who played Game 1 on a bad ankle, finished with 18 points and hit a critical triple to put the Warriors up by five points with under a minute to go. He says that people need to understand that the playoffs are more physical and that the narrative should not be about bad calls:

“We understand in the playoffs, the way the game is called, it’s a little bit more physical,” Curry said. “And whether you’re trying to get fouls on every possession or not, it’s going to be 50/50 calls. And it’s just how it is. But it sucks that this is the narrative coming out of it, because we literally could exhaust our energy on that as well.”

All eyes will be on Tuesday’s Game 2.

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