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Warriors’ Stephen Curry breaks down mentality for Game 7 vs. Rockets

stephen curry

Stephen Curry won’t hesitate to say the nerves are most definitely there for a crucial Game 7, playing not only to prove his Golden State Warriors deserved to be crowned the best in the Western Conference, but securing another NBA Finals appearance against their perennial rivals, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The two-time MVP admitted he recently learned a tactic from some PGA players on how to keep his cool in high-pressure situations.

“I mean, most of it is just breathing. For real. Just take a couple of deep breaths,” said Curry on how to keep his nerves under control, according to Melissa Rohlin of the San Jose Mercury News. “I took a tip from some PGA guys who used to tell me when they’re out there on the course and it gets a little logjammed on a couple of holes, and they’ve got to slow themselves down in between shots so that they can pace themselves for a five-hour, six-hour round.”

“I took that as a way — even the way you do your pre-game warmup routine or how you go through two-line layups. Take it a little slow because your mind might be processing things a lot faster than it usually does, so your body will start to speed up a bit. So you’ve got to dial it back. Set the tone early in the day. It’s just another day. It’s just a normal day. It’s just another basketball game.”

A lot of eyes will be on the Warriors main cogs, especially Curry, given that he’s had some highs and lows during this series. Given the nature of the stakes, Curry will have to bring his A game to this juggernaut fight, ensuring he makes the most of his opportunities after missing plenty of wide-open looks during the last few games.

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