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Warriors not focusing on Rockets during 2017-18 NBA season

Rockets and Warriors

The Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets are set for a premier matchup today, which is a rematch from their earlier meeting during their first game of the season. The Rockets narrowly defeated the Warriors 122-121 at Oracle Arena, and have emerged as one of the Western Conference’s top threats to the Warriors’ title reign.

Daryl Morey, the general manager of the Rockets, described his team as “obsessed” in regards to eventually defeating the Warriors. It appears that this news has traveled to the Warriors’ locker room, and the reigning NBA champions have a nonchalant attitude towards the Rockets ambitions.

According to ESPN, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green weren’t particularly worried about the Rockets tenacious hopes at beating them in the NBA Playoffs.

“It’s no disrespect, but we’re not coming in every day saying we’re just thinking about Houston. We know how great they are. We know it’s a team that’s going to be contending for a title along with us and couple other teams. But we’re focusing on ourselves right now,” said Durant in response to the Rockets title hopes.

Green also had an interesting take on why he isn’t focused on the Rockets. He simply believes that every team is a threat to the Warriors title hopes.

“Every team’s a threat,” “You can lose to anybody.”

The Rockets will have to take on the Warriors at home without their superstar shooting guard, James Harden, who is out with a sprained hamstring. Although his unavailability will affect the Rockets against the best team in the NBA, Steve Kerr remains skeptical that defeating the Rockets on Thursday will be an easy victory. That is due to the fact that the Warriors allowed the Mavericks to shoot 19 threes on Wednesday night.

“It’s an area of concern, major concern, and we’re going to go play a team that’s going to maybe shoot 60 of them,” he said. “So we need to clean that up.”

No matter the outcome, the Rockets and Warriors game will be an interesting battle between two of the best teams in the NBA.

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