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Warriors’ Kevin Durant laments giving up 54 3-point attempts to Rockets

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Kevin Durant lamented allowing the Houston Rockets to shoot a whopping 54 triples during a 135-134 overtime loss. The Golden State Warriors forward noted it’s difficult to stop a superstar like James Harden when he wants to attempt them, but the Warriors could have done better rotating and keeping the rest of the team from getting quality looks:

“It’s tough, man. It’s tough to stop you from just shooting 3s, because there’s just so much space out there,” said Durant. “You got James Harden shooting step-back 3s, probably 20, 22 were step-backs. So it’s tough to fully take it away.

“But the drives, the drive-and-kick ones, the ones where we’re in the pick-and-roll and we don’t get out quick enough and they get to a guy and he knocks down a 3 — we just have to be better in those situations.

“You know this team is gonna get up a lot of 3s, but we gotta make those tough 3s, 3s that are out-of-rhythm 3s.”

Harden couldn’t get very much to go from inside the arc, going 3-of-11 on 2-pointers, but he did enough to make some damage from long-range, hoisting 23 attempts and making 10 of them in the game.

Durant won’t dwell on the matter, claiming it came down to one possession and the Rockets capitalized on it:

“It’s a great, man. They made the last shot,” he said. “Both teams played great basketball.”

The Rockets have now won both of their first two meetings this season, awaiting two more before the 2018-19 campaign comes to an end.

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