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Warriors’ Kevin Durant admits to being out of bounds on crucial play

Kevin Durant, Warriors

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant admitted to stepping out of bounds during a late-game save that became the most controversial missed call of the night during a thrilling 135-134 overtime loss to the Houston Rockets.

Durant chased a loose ball on the offensive end and tapped it back on the court with both feet out of bounds, and the “save” resulted in a Stephen Curry bucket to give the Warriors a 134-132 advantage in overtime:

Durant however, wasn’t surprised the call was missed:

“Yeah, I believe it because the refs were missing a lot tonight,” said Kevin Durant, later admitting to watching the replay of it. “There was a lot of adrenaline, so you can easily fool them.”

Just before that play, the officials missed a different call in which Draymond Green lost possession of the ball on his own, but the refs had already given the ball to the Warriors before going to replay and couldn’t find enough evidence to overturn it.

Those were some of the most obvious calls missed, along with contact plays that saw them swallow the whistle in the fourth quarter for both teams.

The officials certainly didn’t shine during this nationally televised game, but it sure made for plenty of polemical banter and a great 53 minutes of basketball for those fighting tooth and nail.

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