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Warriors’ James Wiseman reveals how training with John Wall helped his game

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Even before officially becoming an NBA player, James Wiseman had the opportunity to train with Houston Rockets star guard John Wall. According to the Golden State Warriors big man, the game ‘slowed down’ thanks to Wall’s tips.

James Wiseman already had a good idea that he was going to be the top picks in the 2020 NBA Draft. He wasted no time by heading to Miami to put in some work. One of the main challenges for rookies like Wiseman is how to adjust to the speed of the NBA. Lucky for him, Wall was nice enough to lend a hand.

“Yes,” James Wiseman told the media Wednesday afternoon, per Drew Shiller of NBC Sports. “I actually trained with John Wall — he’s super quick. He was teaching me a lot of stuff and the game kind of slowed down.”

A lot of young guns have shared the experience James Wiseman is going through right now. Once they step into the NBA and get exposed to the coaching staff and their veteran teammates, they would also mention something about the game suddenly “slowing down.” This simply means that they see the little nuances and in-game details that they never really spotted before.

Since in the professional level, the sport seemingly turns into a mental challenge more than a physical one. James Wiseman will soon find out just how true this is. Yes, the battle still happens on the court, but the preparation for the fight happens in the film room and through endless discussions.

It was definitely nice of Wall to share some of the things he’s learned with James Wiseman. Yes, they’re now rivals on the court but at the end of the day, they’re comrades who want the best for one another. It will be fascinating to see how they evolve with their new teams.

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