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Warriors’ Draymond Green speaks out on being hit by James Harden

Draymond Green, James Harden

Draymond Green got the bad end of a James Harden follow-through, getting knocked on the noggin after the reigning MVP splashed down a 3-pointer as The Beard hoped to draw contact at the end of the play. The Golden State Warriors talisman mentioned at the end of Game 1 that he has been fouled on a Harden 3-pointer before — and lo and behold — he was in Game 4, quickly falling to the hardwood:

Green took on the chance to remind remind reporters he predicted this, telling them that Harden’s floppy style of play could wind up hurting others:

“I told y’all before, I’d be fouled on James Harden 3-pointers,” said Green after a 112-108 loss to the Rockets in Game 4 of the series, according to Hunter Atkins of the Houston Chronicle. “Y’all thought I was lying. People just think I be making s**t up.”

Green responded to Harden’s complaints and hopes that he’d be officiated fairly by saying he has been fouled while contesting his shot, after the latter missed a potential game-winning three in Game 1:

“I’ve been fouled by James (Harden) on a James 3-pointer before,” said Green. “I ain’t even trying to hear that. Nah, I ain’t going with that one. I’m straight.”

Harden’s propensity to seek contact on every shot attempt has at times cost him, but it has gotten to a point where his efforts are flat-out blatant — even on wide-open shots:

Green won’t make much of this foul, but he did prove his point within the series.

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