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Warriors’ Draymond Green admits officiating controversy was ‘disheartening’ and ’embarrassing’

Draymond Green, Warriors

It is no secret that the headlines surrounding the matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets have been centered around complaints regarding the officiating. Power forward Draymond Green seems to be a bit perturbed by the storyline hanging over this showdown.

The Rockets had plenty to say about the referees following Game 1. According to ESPN’s Nick Friedell, admits the entire controversy was rather embarrassing:

Draymond admits that the chatter surrounding the officiating after Game 1 was “embarrassing” for the game. He said both teams just wanted to play and let the game speak for itself.

There is certainly plenty of truth to Green’s comments. The Rockets are perhaps the only team with enough firepower to give the Warriors a run for their money. Unfortunately, they were reduced to begging for calls that never came in their Game 1 loss. To make matters worse, they did not relent in their complaints about officiating afterward and have even threatened to divulge a theory that allegedly proved that the officials were on Golden State’s side.

Fortunately, things were a bit more free-flowing in Game 2. Both teams seemed adamant about securing a victory on their own merits rather than trying to get every call to go their way. Of course, Houston still took every opportunity they could to relish some of the whistles they were getting. Even if the refs are able to call a balanced game, it is safe to say that the tensions between these two teams will only continue to grow as the series goes on.

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