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Video: Referee Scott Foster owns the nastiest fake in the NBA

Scott Foster

The Western Conference finals series between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets most people expected would happen is finally underway with Game 1 of the matchup currently being played.

Much of the focus in this series centers on the players, as the star power in the West finals is ridiculous. The Warriors have Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. The Rockers, on the other hand, have Chris Paul and James Harden. There are, however, other peripheral pieces in this best-of-seven series that could greatly influence the outcome of the games. Among them are the referees.

And before people forget that the game’s officials are also an important part of this series, referee Scott Foster wasted no time reminding everyone that they, too, exist by unleashing this hilarious pump fake during a jump ball between Thompson and Trevor Ariza during the early goings of the game.

Well, that should make fans talk about the refs, which is what we are exactly doing right now. Foster also probably taught Harden another trick on how to draw fouls from defenders with that fake.

Foster and the rest of the officiating crew which will work the Warriors-Rockets games should be busy blowing their whistles for the duration of the series, especially because the Rockets were third in the regular season in free-throw attempts with 25.1 per game. Harden has been a foul-drawing machine, which is why he ranked third among all NBA players back in the regular season with 8.1 free-throw tries per contest.

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