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Video: P.J. Tucker hits Joe Ingles in the eye with seemingly dirty move

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P.J. Tucker’s presence with the Houston Rockets has undoubtedly changed the team’s defensive culture. Once a team content with outshooting their opponents, the Rockets have discovered a new edge within themselves thanks to Tucker’s grit and hustle.

In Game 4 against the Utah Jazz, however, the veteran forward appears to have gone overboard with his enthusiasm on the defensive end of the floor.

With the score at 49-39 and nearing the two-minute mark of the second quarter, the Jazz were on a transition attack that ended up with Joe Ingles getting a clean look from the 3-point line. Upon seeing Tucker running to contest his shot, Ingles used a pump fake that got the Rockets defender off his feet.

Unfortunately for Ingles, Tucker extended his arm to hit the Jazz forward right in the face in a seemingly-dirty play.

Watch the clip below:

The referees issued a flagrant 1 foul on Tucker afterward. He is known for being a tough-nosed defender but Ingles’ Aussie background has made him embrace physicality. He doesn’t seem to be distracted by the play. He knows things happen on the court and the only thing that Ingles can do is to set his mind on the next play.

The Rockets currently hold a 2-1 series advantage over the Jazz.

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