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Video: Kevin Durant talks trash with Chris Paul’s brother

Kevin Durant

Chris Paul’s brother showed full-support in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals against the Golden State Warriors, cheering at every Rockets’ highlights and complaining at every call in favor of the Warriors. However, he may have had a little too much to say and Kevin Durant let him know about it.

A clip posted by Def Pen Hoops shows Durant apparently telling C.J. Paul to sit down:

It’s unclear from the clip what Paul said. But these antics are not new. In their series against the Utah Jazz, he was almost ejected from the game. Apparently, Paul was talking trash to one of the referees — James Williams — the same referee which officiated his games back in college.

As reported by Tim MacMahon of ESPN, C.J. said then:

“The ref was crazy. I know how he operates,” C.J. Paul told ESPN, referring to his interactions with Williams from his college playing days. “He said [to security], ‘I didn’t see him say nothing, but I know it was him.’”

Thankfully, Paul didn’t make too much of a scene in Game 2 that would’ve forced one of the referees to step in. He and Durant might even know each other, anyway. They might be talking smack in the court, but once the final buzzer sounds, they’re all back to being friends and family.

The Rockets have tied the series at one game apiece, winning Game 2, 127-105. The Rockets seemed to have figured out what went wrong with their plan in Game 1 as they looked like a completely different machine.

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