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Video: Kevin Durant names Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Russell Westbrook as greatest teammates

Nets, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Russell Westbrook

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant chimed in on the greatest teammates he has ever had, naming former Golden State Warriors buds Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson along with former tandem partner Russell Westbrook back from his Oklahoma City Thunder days.

Durant described Westbrook as a reliable, potent point guard presence, before pivoting to Curry and Thompson, two recent teammates with whom he won his two NBA championships:

“I know for a fact that no point guard wants to guard him because he won’t stop moving, so that’s gonna take a little bit of energy from them,” Durant said of Curry on Showtime’s All The Smoke. “And he’s gonna play with that dog where he’s trying to destroy you when he’s scoring.”

Durant didn’t last long on Curry before he threw Thompson right there with him among his favorites:

“Klay got the dog, Klay’s got the dog,” said Durant of Thompson. “He’s an authentic dog. I’m gonna knock down this trey-ball, I’m gonna get to the cup here and there, but I’m locking up straight in front of you.”

The clear omission here is Draymond Green, the player who reportedly recruited him to play in Golden State and went on to win two championships with.

While they can’t all be favorites, Durant and Green were known to be close in the locker room, yet they had a few heated altercations on the sidelines, along with that incident that set the Warriors aflame early through the 2018-19 season.

Clearly Durant seems to have enjoyed his time with The Splash Brothers along with the eight seasons he spent with Westbrook, making those three the holy trinity of his former teammates. We’ll see if new Nets teammate and good pal Kyrie Irving joins this list in the near future once they take the court together.

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