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Video: John Oliver jokes that people should be mad at Daryl Morey for trading Marquese Chriss

John Oliver, Daryl Morey, Marquese Chriss

A recent pregame media availability saw LeBron James shame Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey in the wake of a pro-Hong Kong tweet that stirred the cauldron of the Chinese government.

John Oliver, a longtime comedian and host of “Last Week Tonight” on HBO, poked fun at China being infuriated by Morey’s support of democracy, while there are myriad reasons to be mad at him … like trading away Marquese Chriss:

“It’s true, the Chinese government upended the NBA’s business in that country over a single tweet from this guy (pointing at Morey). And it’s just absurd to get that angry at Daryl Morey for supporting pro-democracy protest,” said Oliver. “You want to be angry at him? How about the fact he traded away power forward Marquese Chriss as part of a three-team deal with the Kings and the Cavaliers back in February? Chriss is 6-10, with a 7-foot wingspan, plays way above the rim and can mix it up in the post. Yes, granted, he’s had his issues with the Suns, I’m not denying that. But he’s the type of athletic big man that could have balanced out Westbrook and Harden, especially when he’s coming off the bench for PJ Tucker.”

While Oliver was making light of the situation, Chriss has actually been making a killing as a training camp invitee for the Rockets’ longtime enemies, the Golden State Warriors, who picked up the spoils and could now even sign him to a roster spot if they choose to keep him.

However, pounding on Morey for costing his team millions in revenue is just a poor take, considering he had no way of anticipating the Chinese government’s dramatic reaction to an image in support of those fighting for democracy in an authoritarian government.

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