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VIDEO: James Harden shares special moment with Rockets after Nets’ win

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No love is lost between James Harden and his former Houston Rockets teammates. After The Beard guided the Brooklyn Nets to a 132-114 victory on Wednesday, he shared a special moment with PJ Tucker and other team members.

After the Nets’ win, Harden did not hesitate to approach some of his former teammates. It’s no surprise that he spent a good time with Tucker. After all, they were teammates for three excellent years in Houston. He also exchanged some words with Christian Wood and Victor Oladipo.

To recall, James Harden and the Rockets had a rough falling out after the Beard requested for a trade. The organization initially didn’t want to budge, but after Harden claimed that the current roster isn’t good enough, he was immediately sent to the Nets.

It felt like a sad ending to the eight-year partnership. So ahead of Harden’s first return to Houston on Wednesday, there were questions on how the fans and the organization would welcome him. Such concerns were cast aside when the Rockets showed a tribute video for the new Nets guard.

Perhaps the Rockets-Harden narrative can finally be closed. Both parties seemed to have fully moved on from each other. Yes, it was a bitter ending, but fans would rather remember the good old times when Harden was donning the legendary red and white Houston jerseys.

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