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Video: James Harden hypes up Chris Paul vs. Spurs

James Harden, Chris Paul

Since joining forces with the Houston Rockets this season, James Harden and Chris Paul have proven that they can co-exist on the floor, and share the leadership duties in their team. Their strong partnership has led to them currently owning the top seed in the tough Western Conference, which has surprised many, excluding themselves. They appear to be ready for the postseason as early as now, with both of them leading their charge.

A recent clip of the two during Monday’s win against the San Antoonio Spurs has surfaced where The Beard can be seen hyping up Paul while taking a three-pointer. After seeing him knock it down, Harden continued to cheer him on and was clearly very happy that his superstar teammate is playing well for them.

Having two bonafide superstars playing together is not as easy as it sounds. Their head coach is given the unenviable task of managing their egos, as well as making them believe in his system while promising a lot of wins, and even championships. That has been the case for Mike D’Antoni, but he has done a very good job at it, as he has made their games complimentary of each others, and bringing out the best from them.

The true test though for the Rockets is if they can sustain the success they’re having this regular season once the playoffs start. With how they have been playing so far, nothing short of a championship is acceptable for them and their fans, especially after seeing them dominate their opponents and winning 53 of their first 67 games of the season.

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