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Video: James Harden has had weird post-dunk routine for quite a while

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Routines are critical in our daily lives, more so in basketball players. The same habit transports them into a familiar state of mind. Rituals may happen before the game, in free throws, or after every shot made. Some have nothing extraordinary in them. James Harden’s post-dunk routine, however, is something worth examining.

As Ballislife discovered, the Houston Rockets star has been doing this weird routine after a slam dunk:

James Harden’s post dunk routine

Have you ever noticed James Harden pretends to get nose bleeds after dunks?(Via NBA on ESPN)

Posted by Ballislife on Sunday, April 1, 2018

One cannot exactly pinpoint what it means. Fans have guessed that Harden feels so high up in the air that his nose started bleeding. Others say that he’s still bleeding from the elbow he received from Metta World Peace years ago. Others, however, found it silly and utterly distracting.

Whatever Harden’s exact motivation for his antics is perhaps only known to him and his team. NBA games can get extra competitive and stressful. It won’t hurt for a player to do a little routine-celebration after a dunk. Especially for Harden, who’s highly-expected to take home the MVP award this season.

Harden has come a long way ever since being drafted third overall in 2009. His first three seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder proved that he was a capable sixth man. His last five seasons with the Rockets have proven that he’s one of the game’s elites.

There is no doubt that he’ll be crowned MVP this season. Last year, he finished second to his good buddy and former teammate Russell Westbrook. But this year is Harden’s. His MVP award is a lock. Now it’s time for him to win that elusive title.

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