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Video: Hoodie-less Carmelo Anthony torches Los Angeles pickup circuit

Carmelo Anthony, Rockets

For those who thought there was some magic to the Hoodie Melo phenomenon, it’s time to get those eyes checked again. New Houston Rockets forward Carmelo Anthony was torching the Los Angeles pickup circuit without the need of his famed hoodie, giving defenders some work with a barrage of jump shots and moves off the post that have made him an All-Star-caliber talent during the last 15 years.

Hoodie Melo @carmeloanthony looks like he ready for the season 🔥🔥🔥 @swishcultures

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Melo is an absolute terror in the one-on-one game, and he was letting his defenders know throughout the game, calling every bucket as soon as it left his hand with phrases like “all day,” “put on that seatbelt,” and “stay here” — a true demo of his offensive talents.

Anthony will join MVP James Harden and longtime friend Chris Paul as a member of the Rockets after an elaborate plan to keep every cent of his $27.9 million contract, the last mega-deal of his career.

While he will play a tertiary role, much like he did with the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Rockets are confident they can incorporate him in a better way, whether he comes off the bench or not.

Judging by these pickup games, Melo isn’t ready to hit the sidelines just yet.

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