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Video: Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo exchange punches

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Things got heated between Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo in the Houston Rockets-Los Angeles Lakers matchup Saturday night.

Late in the fourth quarter, James Harden and Brandon Ingram got into it as the latter pushed off the reigning MVP. It appears that Harden’s shove while on the drive wasn’t appreciated by the lanky Laker.

As things began to cool down between the two, there was another storm brewing between arguably both teams’ most volatile personalities in Paul and Rondo.

Punches flew around as the two court generals seemingly blacked out and went at each other like two rival fighters inside the ring.

From the video below caught in another angle, the physical exchange between Paul and Rondo was instigated by the Rockets star, poking the eye of the Lakers veteran. Of course, this won’t sit well with Rondo — not in a million years.

Adam Silver and co. must be reviewing clips of the incident and carefully assessing what had just transpired. Definitely, suspensions will be slapped and even Ingram could be assessed with penalties as it was evident that he also joined in on the melee and threw punches of his own at Paul.

LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, two of Paul’s banana boat brothers, can only watch their best friend helpless. They knew better not to get themselves involved in such activity.

The Rockets took away this one from the Lakers, 124-115. Chris Paul had a big game with 28 points, seven rebounds, and 10 assists. Meanwhile, Rajon Rondo wasn’t so bad either with 12 points, seven rebounds, 10 assists, and two steals in a losing effort.

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