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Video: Chris Paul posts video of Banana Boat during vacation

Chris Paul

Chris Paul, otherwise known as the Point God, has been one the best point guards in the NBA since the start of his career. Even now that the NBA possesses high caliber point guards such as Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, and Kyrie Irving, Paul still earns some recognition for being in the conversation of the NBA’s best point guard.

Rightfully so, Paul is equipped with a perfect package. He is one of the best distributors in NBA history. He can play stellar defense and get stops for his team. He also can score effectively against any defense. Hence, Paul may just be the NBA’s most complete point guard. However, this year, he has nothing to show for it in individual accolades.

The Houston Rockets currently have the best record in the NBA, and Paul has arguably been their most impactful player. Still, that wasn’t enough for Paul to earn an All-Star appearance this year. Although Paul was a bit irked that he couldn’t participate in the All-Star Game, especially since the Golden State Warriors had four All-Stars, he did vacation and had fun during the All-Star break.

Apparently, Paul and his Banana Boat buddies went on a vacation during their break. He was missing LeBron James who captured the All-Star game MVP after an incredible performance. Though, Paul seemingly had a great time with the other members.

James will likely be upset that he didn’t spend time with his best friend as he had a job to do on Sunday night. Paul understood that and took his other friends and family out on a tropical vacation.

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