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Video: Chris Paul injures David West’s ankle with deadly crossover

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Chris Paul has just victimized another defender with his insane control of the leather. The Houston Rockets point guard has just caused David West’s ankle injury after he went past him with a deadly crossover in Thursday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors.

As bad as it sounds, that’s just what made Paul one of the best point guards in the NBA. It was a close game for the Rockets, but they were always short by few margin, thanks to Stephen Curry’s 3-point prowess and Draymond Green’s strong presence on and off the paint that led to a historic night for the do-it-all forward.

And so, Chris Paul took the initiative to fire up his team. It was a series of step-back crossovers that made David West go off balance.

Chris Paul turned David West’s ankle. 😳

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Paul juked him so bad that West appeared to have hurt his ankle. The 9-time NBA All-Star continued his offensive onslaught and smoothly went past the limping West and attempted a jumper near the foul line.

There’s nothing the Warriors veteran could do but just stare at the ball hoping it won’t go in. Unfortunately, it did. West then committed an intentional foul so that he could go to the bench and have his twisted ankle get medical attention. He may be tough as nail, but Chris Paul’s ankle breaker was just downlight nasty.

Hopefully, the ankle injury isn’t as bad is it looks. For sure, the Warriors are going to worry about losing David West and Kevin Durant on the next games to come. And yes, the Rockets lost to the Warriors 114-124.

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