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Video: Arena usher steals the show in Rockets’ dance cam

James Harden

During games, timeouts, and halftime shows, the dance cam gives audience members inside the arena a chance to show off. It’s their opportunity appear on TV. Some participate in half-court shooting contests or get luckily picked on kiss cams. The following clip, however, shows the most unlikely person in the Houston Rockets’ dance cam.

A clip posted by the Rockets features some of their fans showing off their moves in front of the dance cam. Some fans seemed to have prepared for the moment to come. It appeared that they diligently rehearsed prior, hoping that the dance cam would finally pick them.

Yet in an unlikely turn of events, the dance cam turned to one of the ushers in the arena. At first, he was hesitant to show off. But after some prodding, he finally gave in and showcased his dance moves for the ages.

Below is the clip:

The cameraman seems to have known that the usher really is a dancer. One can even suspect that the entire thing is scripted. Is he really a dancer who signed up to be an usher for just one night for the dance cam?

After all, this is not the first and only instance that such an antic happened. There are some instances wherein a seemingly unfit guy suddenly shows off some extraordinary dance moves. It turns out that he’s been part of the program after all.

Scripted or purely spontaneous, it certainly gave Rockets fans inside the arena a whole lot to cheer about. Even on video, one can feel the excitement reverberating all over.

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