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Thunder’s Paul George says it’s difficult to guard Rockets’ James Harden without fouling

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Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George is very good on the court, and as it turns out, he is also a good judge of offensive talent like Houston Rockets star James Harden.

Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today dove into what makes Harden so difficult to play against. This is where the Thunder star chimed in on one of the league’s deadliest scorers.

“The difficulty is guarding him without fouling. He gets a lot of foul calls. It’s hard to bring physicality and be a defender in this league when he’s so good at drawing those fouls. Try to be physical and guard him without fouling. Which is hard. The same reason it’s tough to guard him is the same reason how you have to guard him.” George said.

James Harden is averaging 36.3 points per game this season, which is seventh-best for any season. The ridiculousness of his scoring ability comes out in his 32 30-point performances during this season.

Players can try to slow him down and be physical, but as Paul George points out, he can draw fouls. Putting Harden on the foul line solves nothing for the defense considering his 87.1 percent field goal percentage this year.

On a nightly basis, Harden is one of the best players at creating his own shots. Teams are in need of a way to slow down his offensive output, but nobody can seem to figure out what to do. He sees and take advantage of every opportunity presented to him, and if the defender lays off, he has an easy bucket.

There is certainly something unstoppable about Harden, and his fellow stars are seeing it too. George is not the only one in the league that would make those comments.

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