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The Chris Paul, James Harden, Carmelo Anthony pick-up game previews new Rockets (Video)

Chris Paul James Harden Carmelo Anthony

The 2018-19 Houston Rockets roster has yet to be fully assembled, but thanks to NBA trainer Chris Brickley and his now-famous Blackout Sessions, we can all get a preview of what an offense comprised of Chris Paul, James Harden and Carmelo Anthony would look like in the near future thanks to a video taken last year.

Anthony, as usual, is giving other NBA players their offseason dose of buckets — this time, teaming up with Paul and Harden, rough-drafting a Mike D’Antoni offense that will soon have him sniping from the perimeter.

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s three-team trade is yet to become official until the league office makes it so, but once it does, the Atlanta Hawks will work on a buyout process with the perennial scorer, who will inevitably hit the free agent wire after it’s done.

The Rockets have been the frontrunner for Anthony’s services for the past few weeks and are now a lock to get Melo, reportedly looking to sign him to a one-year deal for the veteran’s minimum of $2.4 million.

Soon enough, this offseason scrimmage will turn into reality, as the Rockets’ new three-headed monster will go against the re-loaded Thunder, the new-look Los Angeles Lakers, and the even more improved defending champion Golden State Warriors, hoping to make it to the NBA Finals this time around.

Some have expressed doubt in Melo’s addition, claiming it wouldn’t help the Rockets’ championship chances, but fans will likely have to wait until the ball tips off to make that judgment for themselves over the course of the season.

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