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Team wants Russell Westbrook to focus on transition

Russell Westbrook

There has been a lot of talk lately on how new Houston Rockets recruit Russell Westbrook will fit in as the new kid in town. Well, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey himself has shed some light into this rather mysterious predicament, saying that the team will be asking the former MVP to focus on transition play.

“People talk about athleticism in the abstract, but where it really comes on the floor is in transition,” Morey said, via Ben DuBods of USA Today Sports. “You get very high-percentage offense in transition, generally, with athletes.”

Morey definitely makes a good point here, emphasizing the fact that the Rockets have every intention of fully utilizing Westbrook’s strengths, with the ultimate objective of making Houston a better team overall.

“It’s just being able to put the defense in jeopardy,” Morey continued. “Last year, that was really just James [Harden], and Eric [Gordon] at times. Now you’ve got James, Eric, and Russ, who through their athleticism and ability to beat their man and get to the hoop, can put the defense in jeopardy and create those open looks for P.J. Tucker, Gerald Green, and Austin Rivers, and guys like that.”

While the high-ranking executive did give us a bit of a preview of what to expect from a new-look Rockets side next season, he unfortunately has not made it abundantly clear how the team intends to make a partnership between Westbrook and James Harden work.

Morey is perhaps leaving this in the capable hands of team head coach Mike D’Antoni, who might just be required to work for every single penny of his multi-million dollar salary for the coming season.

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