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Steve Kerr says WCF matchup the ‘future of the league’

Steve Kerr, Warriors

Following weeks of anticipation, the Golden State Warriors are finally set to play the Houston Rockets in what should be a highly competitive Western Conference between two of the league’s most explosive offenses. Each of these teams have adopted the modern NBA playing style that has become the standard set for the entire NBA to follow experience any significant success.

It is something that Warriors head coach Steve Kerr acknowledged as being a matchup that embodies what the league has and will continue to become over the next several years, according to Alykhan Bijani of ESPN.

The style in which the Warriors have adopted behind the play of two-time league MVP Stephen Curry and the offensive scheme from Kerr that has emphasized spreading the floor while using small-ball lineups has become the norm. Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni has only further utilized that game plan that he began to put into effect back during his days with the Phoenix Suns.

Granted, the high amount of talent that is on the floor for both teams has played a significant part of the teams getting to this point in the playoffs, but their respective abilities to excel in fast-paced offenses that look spread the floor while depending on 3-pointers and finding the open shot through passing has made this model that the league has looked to mimic. The next round of young talented teams has looked toward utilizing those type of lineups that should create the next slate of promising teams in the coming years.

Meantime, this has set up what should be a highly entertaining series between two of the most talented teams in the league that could each make a strong case to being the team that could capture the NBA title. This series could have a tremendous impact on what’s to come ahead in the ever-adapting NBA.

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