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Stephen Curry laughably compared to James Harden in awful James Worthy take

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Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Famer James Worthy was often the voice of reason during his time as a player, but he lost all common sense when bunching Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry and Houston Rockets star James Harden in the same realm in the one thing they’re least alike: free throws.

Before Worthy went back to memory lane for the usual rhetoric from players of yesteryear claiming they were tougher and more physical, “Big Game James” put the Golden State Warriors star in the same line with Harden, who is notorious for getting the benefit of the whistle (h/t NBC Sports Bay Area):

“Not hand-check. They’ve taken that away from the game, and you used to be able to use your forearm — as long as you didn’t extend it — that’s been good defense throughout the NBA,” Worthy said during a Thursday broadcast of a Lakers vs. Mavericks scrimmage. “And I think that would, you know, challenge some of these scorers who, a lot of them, like (James) Harden and (Stephen) Curry, you can’t touch ’em — you can’t even breathe on them — or it’s a foul.

I’d like to see the game get back a little bit to where you can tag them a little bit.”

Worthy might not have watched a lot of Warriors basketball, in the past, I don’t know, 11 years?

Curry has yet to attempt six or more free throws per game during his 11-year career. Harden, who has been around as long as Curry, has done it for nine straight seasons.

The Beard has averaged double-digit free-throw attempts in seven of his 11 seasons, including six in a row.

The apples to apples comparison is pretty straightforward if Worthy, y’know, actually watched basketball. Curry attempted an average of 4.2 free throws per game last season (he only played five games this season0, hitting at a 91.6% clip. Harden is heading to the line a career-best 11.8 times per game this season, nearly tripling Curry’s production.

Worthy just looks ignorant here with an ill-advised take, even drawing a few nervous laughs from the announcers.

You hate to see it, but some of these former players might not have more insight to offer than the usual “get off my lawn” speech about how the game of basketball was a man’s game back in their heyday. This drab on a Curry-Harden comparison is simply as bad as it gets.

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