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Skip Bayless blasts Rockets’ Chris Paul by calling him ‘dirtiest player’ ever

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Fox Sports 1 personality Skip Bayless blasted Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul after his recent part in a brawl with the Los Angeles Lakers. While Rajon Rondo had gone public to call Paul a “horrible teammate” through an ESPN interview, Bayless went a step further, calling Paul “the dirtiest” of his era.

“I believe that Chris Paul, given his history of snapping and cheap-shotting opponents actually exercised great restraint for only trying to poke at Rondo’s face in retaliation for [the spit],” said Bayless on Wednesday’s edition of Undisputed, noting he was a fan of Rondo calling out Paul in the eyes of the media.

Bayless called Paul’s reputation the most overrated, most oversold, most overprotected image in the history of the NBA, later making his case for Paul’s flagrant actions.

“If you really analyze his history of cheap-shotting, he is the dirtiest player of his era, and I can make the case he’s the dirtiest player in the history of the NBA because of his history of cheap-shotting opponents below the belt with shots to the groin,” said Bayless.

The longtime talking head later went on to bring his first incident in the eyes of viewers, a crotch-punch to North Carolina State’s Chris Hodge in the ACC tournament — a trait that carried into his NBA career, as Bayless cited incidents with Marc Gasol, Kevin Durant, and Chris Kaman, to name a few.

Paul has been known as a chippy pest of a point guard, but his reputation hasn’t taken as much of a hit as a mercurial player as Rondo’s has due to his All-Star status in the league.

Bayless has been known to be one of the harshest Paul critics, formerly claiming the Wake Forest product was not a star in the NBA, dating back to 2014.

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