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Sixers star Ben Simmons speaks out on James Harden, Rockets trade rumors

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Throughout the entire Houston Rockets-James Harden trade saga, Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons has been constantly mentioned. It would be understandable if this has affected his mindset entering the brand new season. But in a recent interview, the Sixers star revealed that nothing really changes for him amid the possibility of being shipped out.

Per ESPN’s Tim Bontemps, Simmons says he’s sticking to his goal of winning the title. As long as he’s donning the legendary Sixers jersey, then it’ll be the team he’ll represent.

 “Every day I wake up, every time I got a Sixers uniform on, I’m representing the Sixers. So my mentality never changes.”

“I’m here to win a championship. That goal is never gonna change. I know things are always going to be said in the media, and rumors and things like that, but my goal is to come in every day and get better and help the team that I’m on win a championship.”

While various reports reveal that a Simmons-Harden swap is possible, the Rockets front office themselves are not willing to let go of the Australian. Sixers general manager Daryl Morey has denied reports that they have placed Simmons in the trade block. Rather, they want to see how Simmons and Joel Embiid will pan out under new head coach Doc Rivers.

From the looks of it, Ben Simmons has a pretty good understanding of how the NBA business works. Rumors will always be part of everyday news. But as the Sixers point guard says, whatever jersey he’s donning, he’ll represent it to the best of his abilities.

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