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Scottie Pippen’s former Rockets teammate rips his behavior in Houston

Scottie Pippen, Rockets

The first couple of episodes of “The Last Dance” revolved around how Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen was one of the most underpaid players in the entire NBA. After winning six titles with the Bulls, though, the 6-foot-8 swingman finally got his much-deserved payday when he joined the Houston Rockets on a $67 million deal in 1999.

As it turns out, though, Pippen was not the same when he joined the Rockets. According to former Houston teammate Matt Bullard, Pippen basically didn’t care too much about the team:

“When Scottie Pippen left the Bulls, I didn’t realize that he was coming off of being very underpaid for seven years,” Bullard said on SportsTalk 970 in Houston, via Rockets Wire. “I didn’t know that he had that saltiness about being underpaid when he came to us. But I do remember, the rest of us — when Scottie came, and it was already after training camp had started a little bit — he came into Houston, and he never really did integrate himself into the Rockets’ organization.”

Bullard went on to further his point, explaining why he disliked Pippen during their time together as teammates:

“He never really tried to make an effort to be a Houston Rocket. … He was coming in thinking, ‘Hey, I’m Michael Jordan.’ I mean, not really Michael Jordan, but ‘I’m Scottie Pippen.’ And the rest of us could feel that. Those types of things still stick with me. … Looking back on all the teammates I’ve had, I would say that Scottie Pippen was not one of my favorite teammates. Because when I did play with him, he wasn’t trying to be a Rocket. He was just trying to be the man, and it didn’t really work.”

True enough, Pippen only spent one unsuccessful year with the Rockets before they shipped him off to the Portland Trail Blazers the following year. Based on Bullard’s comments here, it seems that Pippen’s time in Houston just didn’t work out.

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