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Ryan Anderson has the lowest turnover percentage in NBA history

Ryan Anderson

You’re probably not expecting a point guard to have the best turnover percentage in NBA history, but you also likely have no idea who is the league’s least turnover-prone player of all-time. No need to Google it. It’s Houston Rockets forward Ryan Anderson, per Basketball Reference.

For the record, Anderson currently has a career 7.71 turnover percentage. Which means per 100 plays, Anderson is throwing the ball away just 7.71 percent of the time.

The NBA didn’t track turnover percentage until the 1977-78 season, but thousands of players have come and go since. How come Ryan Anderson managed to beat them all to become the NBA’s best securer of the leather?

Well, there could be a few reasons to explain that, but come to think of it, Anderson’s style of play has put him in the position where he doesn’t have that many chances to commit miscues.

Anyone who’s watched the Rockets big man play a handful of times will tell you that all he does on the floor is shoot threes and rebound the ball.

Moreover, he doesn’t put the ball on the floor often, which translates to fewer turnovers. In fact, Anderson takes 6.4 3-point field goal attempts on catch-and-shoot situations — sixth most this season among players with at least six field goal attempts per game.

Also, Anderson is not looking to pass, so naturally, turnovers will be hard to come by for him. When he does have the rock, he’s not looking to set the table, as he’s the type of player teammates will set up plays for and not the other way around. Anderson has a career average of just 0.9 assist per game, and that’s while spending 26.6 minutes per game on the floor!

Ryan Anderson averages just 0.7 assists per contest this season despite the Rockets being the second-highest scoring team in the NBA, and commits just 0.6 turnovers per outing even though he plays 31.2 minutes per game on a Rockets team that is sixth in the league in errors.

Ryan Anderson, ladies and gentlemen.

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