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Russell Westbrook’s best dunks ever

Russell Westbrook, Thunder, Rockets

If dunking is an art form, then Houston Rockets All-Star Russell Westbrook should be viewed as a master craftsman. The NBA has known several great rim rockers over the years, but few have matched Westbrook’s explosive power.

In this piece, we’ll take a look back at what we believe to be the best dunks of The Brodie’s career. To be frank, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

Tomahawk vs. Jazz

While playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook threw down a nasty tomahawk jam through two defenders, giving his team a six point advantage. His ability to disrupt defensive schemes was on full display:

Windmill vs. Pistons

For this great slam, we’ll go back to Russell Westbrook’s days of playing alongside Kevin Durant. Leading his teammates in transition, Russell received a leak-out pass, then proceeded to cock back with an impressive windmill jam. Detroit’s defenders simply couldn’t get back in time:

Alley-oop vs. Kings

Staying in the Westbrook-Durant era, our next example comes from April 13, 2012. Durant drew several defenders in transition, then dished a beautiful lob to Russ, who sent home a ferocious one-handed yam. It was two All-Stars working in perfect unison:

End-to-end poster vs. Lakers

On March 9, 2014, Russell Westbrook and the Thunder were in Los Angeles for a matchup against the Lakers. After corralling a loose rebound over several opponents, Russ pushed the ball down the floor in transition, then proceeded to posterize Kent Bazemore:

Put-back slam vs. Nuggets

Our next example of Russell Westbrook’s outstanding dunking prowess comes in put-back form. Though the paint was crowded with several Nuggets players, the former UCLA standout managed to spring above them all:

Off the glass vs. Warriors

On February 21, 2009, Russell Westbrook and the Thunder were on the road against the Golden State Warriors. Marco Belinelli was an up-and-coming player, but he too would become a victim in yet another poster:

Left-handed game-sealer vs. Rockets

This impressive dunk from Russell Westbrook actually held quite a bit of importance, as it sealed Oklahoma City’s victory over the Houston Rockets in November 2016.

The Thunder had possession and were leading by three with just over seven seconds remaining on the game clock. After doing everything he could to lose his defender, Russ received the inbounds pass, then exploded toward the hoop. Rockets big man Clint Capela was there to meet him at the rim, but it didn’t matter:

A poster for Thon Maker and the Bucks

As a 7-footer, Thon Maker is much taller than Russell Westbrook, who is listed at 6-foot-3. No matter, though, as Russ’ legs seem to have built-in jet packs.

This play actually took some time to develop. After his initial probe of Milwaukee’s defense, Westbrook kicked the ball out to an open man. Finally, Raymond Felton found Russ on the perimeter.

Westbrook knew that his initial probe drew several defenders and forced a few switches. Quietly, he leaked out to the 3-point line to receive Felton’s pass. Roughly 1.5 seconds later, Thon Maker felt the full brunt of Russ’ athleticism:

One-hander vs. Knicks

Now that he’s playing for the Rockets, Russell Westbrook continues to rack up highlight clips. While playing the Knicks inside Madison Square Garden earlier this season, the Long Beach native took matter into his own hands.

Despite the fact that New York had several defenders in the painted area, Westbrook blew right through all of them to thrown down a violent one-handed jam. Interestingly, the crowd inside The Garden actually cheered:

Alley-oop vs. Hawks

Some thought the pairing of Russell Westbrook and James Harden wouldn’t work, as both are ball-dominant players. However, the two stars are finding a nice rhythm together in Houston.

This rhythm was in full effect in a game against the Hawks:

Transition slam vs. Magic

Russell Westbrook may be 31 years of age, but he’s showing no signs of regression. While playing against the Orlando Magic in his debut season with the Rockets, he proved that he is still an intimidating presence on the court. In fact, players often get out of his way when they see what’s coming:

Picking the best dunks of Russell Westbrook’s career is a tall order, as there are simply so many great examples to choose from. He’ll be looking to add even more as his career goes on.

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