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RUMOR: Rockets ‘pissed off’ by Daryl Morey’s James Harden tweet

Houston Rockets star James Harden’s desire to be traded is still a thing, but the momentum has died off lately. To make matters worse, one of his preferred suitors may be off the table now as well. It’s no secret that Philadelphia 76ers GM Daryl Morey would be interested in getting Harden to Philly.

Those wishes became awkward after Morey “accidentally” posted an anniversary tweet on Twitter commemorating the Harden trade that landed him in Houston back in 2012. While Morey was fined by the league due to what was considered violating the tampering policy, it hasn’t helped smooth things over for Houston.

From ESPN’s Brian Windhorst:

“The Rockets were pissed off about it,” said Windhorst in regards to Morey’s ill-timed tweet while appearing on ESPN’s “The Jump”. “And rightly so. The league slaps him for it. …There’s a lot of tension there.”

Windhorst also went on to report that though the Rockets are sour about Morey’s recent antics, there’s still been some talks and trades scenarios exchanged between the 76ers and the Rockets, though nothing that could bring about an immediate deal.

“There have been offers swapped between the teams, and they’re not satisfactory right now. …If I had to make a wager on which team had the most likely chance of landing James Harden, I would say it would be the Sixers eventually.”

While Harden awaits his next destination, he’s made sure to continue his elite level of playing despite the Rockets being 0-2 so far. The former MVP has averaged 39 points along with 12.5 assists through his first two games.


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