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Rumor: Rockets don’t plan to do much at NBA trade deadline

Daryl Morey

One NBA GM who is widely known for his activity near the trade deadline is Houston Rockets’ Daryl Morey. He usually puts the team in position to execute near-deadline moves that either upgrade the team’s roster or help their financial situation. As one of the smartest general managers in the league, Morey’s best moves from this season might already be in the past.

Houston Chronicle’s Jonathan Feigen reports the Rockets plan to make no major moves as the trade deadline approaches:

“I don’t expect to do much,” Morey said. “There’s outside the rotation stuff potentially. We’re always looking for something to upgrade us. I would guess the odds of us doing nothing are much higher than normal.”

These words make more sense than ever. Houston has put itself in a great spot after acquiring Chris Paul before the season and recently signing veteran Gerald Green to a contract for the rest of the season. Recent losses can be partly blamed on injuries. But with both James Harden and Chris Paul on the court, the Rockets’ supporting cast has looked as good as ever. This has translated to the wins column, as the Rockets are currently 27-11 despite playing without Paul for long stretches and recently losing Harden to an injury.

Morey could probably make a deal or two for financial purposes, or try and get an upgrade over the last bench spots. But anything he does will barely impact the Rockets’ current rotation. Both Morey and head coach Mike D’Antoni know they have a truly special and well-assembled roster. D’Antoni said:

“We have more than enough, there’s no doubt about that. Adding Gerald [Green] even makes us realize that more. We should be going into the playoffs in a good position. I don’t know where we will be because we hit a bump, but we should be in position to challenge anybody. We shouldn’t be tired. We shouldn’t have injuries, other than bad luck. We have enough guys.”

It appears this will finally be the year in which Morey does not make many headlines before the Feb. 8 trade deadline.

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