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Rumor: Heat will inquire about Rockets’ Chris Paul, PJ Tucker, Eric Gordon


Rumors are swirling after the news broke the Houston Rockets might be attempting to make some big changes this offseason. Now it appears they might have a suitor in the Miami Heat who could be going after Houston’s big names — Chris Paul, PJ Tucker, and Eric Gordon.

The Miami Heat are definitely an unexpected team to jump in as suitors. However, they were on the cusp of the playoffs last season, and who knows what all their intentions are for the 2019-20 season.

Paul has declined a bit and has injury concerns. But he should still be considered one of the best point guards in the game. Tucker can shoot while also a fantastic rebounder and defender of multiple positions. Finally, Gordon is an offensive threat that can carry a team’s scoring load at times.

Any of those three would be welcome additions to the Heat roster. However, the question will be how serious Miami is about this. All three of those stars will likely come at a steep price. Is it something the Heat would be willing to pay?

The other question is about how serious the Rockets are. They could simply be feeling out teams without real thoughts on trading any of their players. It could be to see if any team is willing to overpay; then and only then, would they give up a player.

No matter what the case is, both teams need to make some changes this offseason if they want to improve for the 2019-20 campaign. Maybe it makes sense for them to go into business together.

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