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Rockets video: James Harden does the Drive By Dunk challenge

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There are always plenty of things happening in the NBA offseason. After summer league games, summer camps, and Pro Am tournaments, one can always find NBA players doing the most sporadic things, even getting in a little pickup ball action when they get the itch to play.

This summer introduced a new internet challenge that has become popular among NBA athletes called the Drive By Dunk Challenge. What happens is an NBA player drives around until they spot a random neighborhood hoop. They’ll stop, get out of the car, dunk on the hoop, then hop back in the car and leave.

As cool as it sounds, it’s even more awesome when you see your favorite players do it such as Anthony Davis, Jalen Brown, De’Aaron Fox, and even Coach John Calipari couldn’t help but get into the fray.

It’s most exciting to see the reactions of occupied courts when an NBA player randomly drives up to a group of unsuspecting players, only to dunk on one of them, and afterwards realizing they’ve been posterized by an NBA player.

Houston Rockets guard James Harden decided to get in on the action as well in Miami. Instead of driving in a car, the Beard decided to pull up on a group of hoopers in a speed boat.

Harden sneaked up onto the court, drove and dunked over an unsuspecting player, before running away celebrating before they figured out what happened.

Needless to say, his challenge was successful, and one of the best by far this summer.

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