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Rockets’ Victor Oladipo ‘likely’ being traded

Rockets, Victor Oladipo

After turning down a two-year extension worth a reported $45.2 million from the Houston Rockets in February, it increasingly has become more and more likely that Victor Oladipo’s days in a Rockets uniform are numbered.

The tricky part for Houston is finding someone who will essentially want to trade for a rental and provide the Rockets with what they feel is an adequate return package. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski believes despite the hoops to jump through, that Oladipo will be dealt one way or another.

The Miami Heat isn’t really a surprise here. It feels as though anytime a name is brought up for trade talks, the Heat is always a team rumored to have some sort of interest. So seeing Oladipo linked to them in this capacity by Woj is not surprising in the slightest.

New York’s interest shouldn’t catch anyone off guard either. There have been Victor Oladipo to New York whispers for a while now. It’s perhaps a little eyebrow-raising to see it now though, after it was said that the Knicks don’t want to shake things up too much and mess up the current chemistry of the roster at the deadline.

Oladipo isn’t a hell-raiser, by all accounts he’s a great teammate. But trading for him means giving up young talent on the roster and possibly picks, thus, shaking up the chemistry in its own way. Also, trading for a star like Victor Oladipo when the Knicks are in the hunt for a playoff spot but not a title contender by any means could draw pause for someone who could again, just be a rental.

In 20 games with the Rockets this year, Oladipo is averaging 21.2 points, 5.0 assists and 4.8 rebounds per game.

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