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Rockets-Thunder match was most-viewed preseason game since 2011

carmelo anthony, chris paul

Heading into the preseason, the matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets already had a lot of fans looking forward to it. With the additions they made in the summer, both teams are now being considered serious contenders for the title, and many were intrigued to see how they will compete against each other.

It did not disappoint, as the Thunder and Rockets figured in a shootout on Tuesday night. When the TV ratings were released, it turned out to be the most watched preseason game since 2011.

There is no doubt that the addition of Chris Paul to the Rockets, along with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to the Thunder, brought the all the attention to their preseason matchup.

If all three players can quickly adjust to the systems of their teams, it will be huge boosts to their chances of contending for the title. While it could be a dream Western Conference Finals for many, the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs may have something to say, as they are still highly regarded as the teams to beat in the West.

However, one thing that’s certain at this point is that both Rockets and Thunder will only make the competition tougher, which makes it very interesting to see how things will all unfold this coming season.

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