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Rockets surpass Warriors in new Finals odds

Kevin Durant, James Harden

Most believe that it will be the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, but according to ESPN, there has been a shift about who will make it out of that series and win in the NBA Finals.

The Rockets have the best chance at 34.1 percent while the Warriors come in second at 32.2 percent. The Toronto Raptors have the best odds in the Eastern Conference coming in at 26.2 percent.

Notably, the Cleveland Cavaliers who have been in the last three NBA Finals have just a 0.1 percent chance to win it all this year.

For the Rockets and Warriors, they have been close all year and that will probably continue through the Western Conference Finals.

The Rockets have a record of 53-14 which is the best record in the NBA. It also gives them a two-game lead over the Warriors for the number one seed in the playoffs.

For the Warriors, there is concern about Stephen Curry who will turn 30 on Wednesday and his ankle. He has had ankle problems over his career and he is currently out with one again.

One other team that also needs to be watched out for in the Western Conference is the Portland Trail Blazers. They are getting hot at the right time and are currently on a 10-game winning streak which is the longest current streak in the NBA.

One thing is for sure this year though. The Western Conference is going to be very competitive and should make for a very fun playoff season.

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