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Rockets star Russell Westbrook explains viral exchange he had with James Harden

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During the Houston Rockets’ opening night loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, there was an exchange between Russell Westbrook and James Harden that went viral.

It appeared as if the two players were getting into a vocal disagreement with one another. It was unclear what the two were discussing during the exchange.

There were concerns from experts heading into the season about Westbrook and Harden being able to get along throughout the season, which certainly contributed to a video of them looking like they were arguing going viral.

Westbrook did not take long to address the situation. He reiterated that the strong relationship that he has with Harden is something that nobody can get in between.

“I mean, the animation is because we talking about something. But don’t dive too much into it,” Westbrook said, via Tim MacMahon of ESPN. “Like I told you, there’s nothing that anybody around the world, media, anybody that can get in between what we have, because we’ve had it for so long. So the more you keep asking, the more it ain’t gonna work.”

The expectation that Westbrook had heading into this season was that there would be adversity. Both players believe that the pre-existing relationship that they have that dates back to their playing days with the Oklahoma City Thunder will enable them to get through anything.

What the situation ultimately ended up being about was the fact that the Bucks were trash-talking Harden and he was trying to convince Westbrook to not ‘fuel that fire’ by responding to it, as Sam Amick of The Athletic wrote.

“It was, as (Westbrook) explained, about the fact the Bucks had been “talking shit” in Harden’s direction and he had responded by hurling a few well-deserved words toward their bench. Harden, in essence, was trying to convince Westbrook to not fuel that fire and instead to just keep it moving. “

The Westbrook-Harden duo will get their next chance to take the floor with each other on Saturday when the Rockets host the New Orleans Pelicans at the Toyota Center.

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