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Rockets star James Harden says ‘load management’ is not in his vocabulary

James Harden, Rockets

NBA players have not been shy about their desire to take some games off down the final stretch of the 2018-19 NBA season. However, it appears the thought has not even crossed the mind of Houston Rockets guard James Harden.

Harden has never been one to take days off when healthy. He insists that load management will not be an issue for him moving forward.

“I’m a hooper. I love to hoop,” Harden said. “Hooping isn’t going to be here forever so I love to get out here and compete. The best days are when you’re legs are a little tired and your shots aren’t falling because you got to figure out a way to get through it.”

James Harden is one of the few star players in the NBA that has taken this kind of approach to the regular season. There is no question that the grind of an NBA campaign is long and grueling. As a result, many superstars have resorted to taking a few nights off here and there. Meanwhile, Harden has made it a point to lay through both injury and fatigue this year.

It is clear that none of the factors have been an issue for the 29-year-old guard. He is coming off another vintage performance after dropping 61 points in Houston’s win over the San Antonio Spurs. The seven-time All-Star appears to be focused on locking up a favorable spot in the Western Conference Playoffs while defending his MVP crown to close out the regular season.

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