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Rockets’ Russell Westbrook joins LeBron James as only players with a triple-double against all NBA teams

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Russell Westbrook of the Houston Rockets is seemingly synonymous with triple-doubles at this point in his storied NBA career. On Monday, he achieved a singular feat that only one other player in NBA history has accomplished. Westbrook became the second player ever to produce a triple-double against every NBA franchise.

The only other player to achieve this incredible accomplishment is triple-double machine LeBron James. James achieved the feat in November of 2019 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. It’s not surprising that Westbrook also needed to accomplish the feat against his longtime team, as he had played for the Thunder for the first 11 seasons of his career.

Westbrook Has Averaged Triple-Double in 3 Straight Seasons

Westbrook’s triple-double exploits are what he is most known for these days. His ferocious athleticism has waned slightly as the 31-year-old has aged into a grizzled veteran. So far, Westbrook is the only player in NBA history to average a triple-double in three straight seasons. While that streak is ongoing, it seems likely that it will come to an end this year. He is currently averaging 25.1 points, 7.8 rebounds and 7.2 assists per game.

In terms of all-time triple-doubles, Westbrook remains well behind the all-time leader Oscar Robertson, who notched a whopping 181 trip-dubs across 14 seasons in the league.

After Monday’s exploits, Westbrook is second all-time with 146, putting him 35 behind Big O. Will Westbrook catch Robertson? Hard to say, but even if he doesn’t, being only one of two players all-time to log trip-dubs against every team is still an incredible feat.

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