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Rockets’ Russell Westbrook doesn’t really think about how his game will age

Russell Westbrook, Rockets

Houston Rockets star Russell Westbrook has defied what many thought to be the limits of an NBA player, breaking mythical records and even maintaining them despite what conventional wisdom may say.

Now a 31-year-old player and 12-year veteran of the league, the Rockets point guard still doesn’t think about how his athletic game will age:

“I got this question asked to me, like, three years ago,” said Russell Westbrook with a brief laugh, according to ESPN’s Royce Young. “When I was doing the triple-double thing and people kept asking me, ‘Can you maintain this? Can you maintain it?’

“And I got a simple answer to that: Why not?”

Russell Westbrook’s motto can at times feel redundant, but he does indeed live by it, willing to challenge himself to do the things others think he may not accomplish.

The Brodie’s violent, physical style of play is strongly based on his athleticism, something that, by NBA wisdom, starts to wear down quickly by the mid-30s. He’s not thinking about that, though:

“I don’t know what I’m able to do or what I can’t do; it’s just I go out and do what I need to do, prepare myself mentally and physically, and then after that I just see what happens,” said Westbrook. “I don’t think about if I’ll be able to do it at 34 or at 35. I don’t know.

“But I know if I put in the work and time and effort to make sure I’m successful, then I know good things will happen.”

Many believe Russell Westbrook won’t find a swell end to his career unless he becomes a better jump shooter, something he has struggled with throughout his whole career. Yet he’s still a strong rebounder and a keen passer, skills that will keep him in the league even if his jump shot is not falling. We’ll see how the bold trade for Russ ultimately works out for Houston.

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