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Rockets ready to trade James Harden quickly to Nets or Sixers

James Harden, Rockets, Sixers, Nets

According to the most recent reports, the Rockets are ready to trade James Harden to the Nets or Sixers as quickly as humanly possible.

How do we know about a potential trade involving James Harden, the Houston Rockets, Brooklyn Nets and/or Philadelphia 76ers? Tickle me glad you asked.

According to the Athletic reporter, who is well respected it should be known, the deal could go down near immediately.

This would be some strange icing on the cake, especially depending on where Harden ends up and who the Rockets get in return. Reports from earlier on Wednesday suggested that everyone on the Nets not named Kevin Durant — including Kyrie Irving — is up for grabs. However, it was also reported that Houston isn’t really wanted Kyrie in return.

On the Sixers front, it would likely take Ben Simmons to get this deal done. After all, James Harden is a legit superstar. In turn, they will likely want one back… and other assets.

Only time will tell, however, how this situation unfolds. If we are to believe this report, and why wouldn’t we, James Harden might soon be out with the Rockets and with either the Nets or Sixers. The NBA is a weird sports, eh?

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